14-Year-Old Florida Man Pays $480 To 28-Year-Old Scottish Woman For Sex, She Ends Up Arrested

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Welp, it’s not a teacher having sex with a student this time in Florida. It’s a 28-year-old Scottish national named Sarah Louise McGill who was arrested after police found out she had sex with a 14-year-old Florida Man.

Here’s the kicker: he paid her $480!

That’s not a misprint. Let’s go to News6 Orlando for some of the wild details:

Officials said the victim told deputies he was searching, a website where hookers can be found, and found a woman who went by the name of Sophia Belle, but was later identified by her United Kingdom passport as Sarah Louise McGill.

Police said the victim got McGill’s phone number, they began texting each other and then met in person at a hotel.

The victim said McGill took him to a room, where they engaged in sexual intercourse before he paid her $480 for her services and left.

Police said they found McGill in the room and she consented to a search, adding that they seized used condom wrappers, cash and other items.

Now here comes the other kicker…Sophia Belle is one of the hottest UK escorts you’re ever going to see. This 14-year-old comes out blazing by hooking up with an escort who apparently travels the world meeting men. Where does he get the $480 from at 14? So many questions about this one.

Look at the earrings below. Match the mugshot. We’re on to you Sophia. You can’t get past the BC investigative team.


According to Sophia Belle’s escort schedule posted on her very well done website, she was scheduled to be in Orlando from April 4-9. Looks like she might be staying around for a little bit longer. More from her well done website:

You will never know where your time with me will take you; all I can promise is you’ll never want it to end.

I am a vibrant young woman, elegant and charming, nature has endowed me a sublime body, that I am pleased to parade in the finest clothes.
Behind a face with fine features, Imagine me a bit mischievous, adventurous, curious and libertine.
My slender figure, majestic and alluring gives me a natural grace, as an invitation to caress, hug and kiss, my voluptuousness and sensuality…

My sparkling eyes, a radiant, smiling face, a sharp mind and rich conversation, interspersed with delicious and mischievous smiles. In conversation I pace my words in a soft voice and gestures of rare lightness which have sublime charm. Without a doubt, I breathe the joy of living and happily posses the excitement and vigour that makes those that surround me unbosom themselves in the most erotic way.

Now let’s get to the Sophia Belle pics:

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