15 Brunch Looks That Will Be All Over Instagram This Summer

Weekend brunch may be the only time you get to catch up with your friends. Also, it’s the perfect excuse to go ahead and sport all the new trends you’ve been dying to try out. So let your favorite weekend outing be the window of opportunity to branch out of your style comfort zone.

Whether that means pairing a puffy-sleeve blouse with biking shorts, rocking Bermuda denim shorts with your go-to band tee, or mastering the art of summer layers, these summer brunch outfit staples are only but a few that will be popping up all over your feed this summer. And Instagram It girls know this well. So keep your eyes peeled on these 15 looks because it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be double-tapping them more than once (and trying them out for yourself).

Let your kicks be the star of every outfit. 
Pants are now made to be worn under dresses. 
Take one from the boys with an oversize white tee. 
Summer layering done right. 
Do you own a pair of biking shorts yet? 
Satin midi skirts will help you channel your inner French girl. 
Wrap dresses are effortlessly chic no matter the print. 
Take note: Strappy sandals go well with all your summer outfits. 
The more you color-block, the better. 
Let your personality shine through a pair of printed pants. 
Stock up on skirts you would wear strolling through Italy. 
Denim jumpsuits will always have the seal of approval at brunch. 
Mini summer dresses are a must. 
Matching co-ord sets make arriving on time much easier. 
Time to bring out those Bermuda shorts you have hidden in the forgotten corner of your closet. 

Never have we been this excited for brunch. 

Opening Image: @nnennaechem

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