15 Orange Lens Sunglasses to Try Now

Summer is sunglass season, but nowadays it’s hard to keep up with all the trends revolving around this accessory. Tiny, oval, vintage, tinted, metallic, and so on. Yet, for better or for worse (mostly better though), we are here to share one trend that you should consider now because it’s only a matter of time before it’s going to be everywhere: orange lens sunglasses.

Sure, tinted sunglass lenses have been a fashion favorite for a while now, but this color is one that will be just what your outfit needs to be summer-ready. And the best part about this trend? Your choices are endless. You can either choose your all-time favorite shape or venture into the realms of tiny shades, but either way, it’s a trend you won’t regret, so we’ve rounded up the best ones on the market ahead.

Two trends in one.
No need for a sunset filter.
Not your average aviators—that’s for sure. 
The metal bar detail adds a fun twist to this pair. 
A retro silhouette with an on-trend touch. 
Opt for a fun geometric shape.
Oversize has never looked so sunny.
Guaranteed to be a summer festival staple.
For all your vintage needs.
Bring the beach to the city with these.
Their name says it all.
We’d like to imagine Kurt Cobain would approve.
Perfect for your poolside needs.
Keep it tiny, and keep it trendy.
We like to call it: Cat Eye 2.0.

Don’t rose-colored glasses seem totally overrated now?

Opening Image @jessalizzi

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