15 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Wear Your Pencil Skirt for Work

The pencil skirt has long been a part of the (non–skirt averse) working woman’s wardrobe. The classic knee-length hemline is HR-friendly, while the simple shape creates a clean, polished silhouette. Still, sometimes it’s hard to decipher how to wear a them in a way that isn’t been-there-done-that. In an effort to break you out of your pencil-skirt rut, the unexpected outfits we’ve curate today are all about using classic button-downs, blazers, and sweaters. These 15 outfits you’re about to see prove that there so many stylish, fun, non-boring ways to approach the timeless piece.

Proof that floral can be groundbreaking. 
Pair a bold blazer with your plaid pencil skirt for a sophisticated look. 
Is this what they mean when they say “orange is the new black”?
A tasseled pencil skirt is the perfect subtle statement piece. 
Add a belt to contrast and define. 
Who said you can’t wear sequins at work?
Don’t be afraid to color-clash.
Fun and professional. 
Pair your statement sleeves to your statement belt (and skirt). 
For those casual Fridays at work. 
Prints look best when contrasted. 
Keep your outfit together with a neutral-colored pencil skirt. 
Take any midweek rainstorm on in style with this outfit. 

Will you be wearing pencil skirts to work anytime soon? Hint: You should. 

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