20 Pieces You'll Need for a Ballet-Inspired Look

With bodysuits, wrap tops, ballet flats, and more dance-inspired pieces leaving the trend territory and nearing staple status, we took it upon ourselves to search for and gather the most beautiful pieces for you to shop should you feel moved (pun intended) to get the look. Especially since, from minimalist activewear to tulle dresses to actual leotards, when it comes to ballet fashion, there are a lot more options than you might initially think. With a little imagination and a quick shopping spree right here in this story, you’ll be looking and feeling like a graceful ballerina in no time at all.Go on to shop the everything you need for a ballet-inspired wardrobe.

If I bought this dress, I would never take it off. 
Leave it to Man Repeller to design the coolest ballet flats ever. 
The ballerina trend takes swimwear. 
Dancers would wear this over their leotards, but you can wear yours with jeans and sneakers. 
In case you are serious about taking up this art. 
The bows are picture-perfect. 
This barely-there color is so flattering. 
Swap your pointe shoes for lace-up leggings instead. 
These are both comfortable and chic. 
You can’t channel ballet fashion without some tulle. 
Elegant and simple, just like ballet girls. 
You’ll need these to create the perfect bun. 
We love the draping and the tiny bow on this bold top.
This one could actually pass as a ballet costume (in a good way). 
Bodysuits are the everyday equivalent to the leotard. 
How cute is this one-piece? 
Almost too pretty to wear. 
Check out the sale price on this one! 
Office-appropriate shorts for the win. 
Try layering this over a graphic tee and jeanf for a forward look. Up next, check out this addictively flattering ankle boot trend. This post has been updated by Lauren Eggertsen. 

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