21 NSFWBDs React To Joel Embiid Being Back In 76ers Lineup

Just what the NBA needed…Joel Embiid IS BACK. As if the NBA didn’t have enough star power in the playoffs, they get a guy back and he’s wearing (was wearing) one of the coolest masks in NBA history. The BDs were excited. The casual NBA fan was excited. Everyone is excited to get a guy back who is a wild card like Embiid. Suddenly it’s impossible not to watch this series.

And how crazy is it that Embiid is risking future eye problems for the playoffs. This is a big sticking point for the BDs. They don’t want to see Joel take a bow from Olynyk and miss even more time. And then there are the BDs who are jacked up for a return and don’t have a problem with a guy risking it all.


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