23 NSFWBDs Analyze The 4/20 National Holiday

I’m told by most of the NSFWBD community that 4/20 is no longer as important as it used to be now that you can go to multiple states and buy weed. Those that blaze say that they don’t even celebrate the national holiday because they blaze on the daily so it’s become just another day to blaze. Makes sense. It’s like Valentine’s Day for the guys out there. They treat their ladies like queens on a daily basis so it’s just another day.

And another thing that I learned today from the BDs is that they’re tired of people saying 4/20 is no biggie because they blaze on the regular. There are definitely dividing lines out there. Go through the tweets. There are two factions at war here.

As for my 4/20, I won’t be blazing. I was thinking of doing some gardening.

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