3 European Shoe Brands the Most Legit Fashion Girls Know

Depending on who you ask, the key to a great outfit (or the demise of a not-so-great one) are the shoes. A purposeful footwear choice can do the heavy lifting; it can dress up a simple jumper and slacks, can contrast a splashy cocktail dress, and can even give your 9-to-5 uniform an oft-needed upgrade. In other words, it’s important to pay attention to shoes, which brings us to the topic of today’s spotlight. We’ve taken note of three European footwear brands that are not only turning out creative, exceptional designs but are also being embraced by some (aka most) of our favorite women in fashion. The styles go across the gamut from thigh-high python-effect leather boots to pearl-embellished lace-up kitten heels but the common denominator between them all is quality craftsmanship and that element of buzz that new brands need to break through the noise. Scroll down to familiarize yourself with these It labels and if you haven’t heard of them before be sure to pick up a pair or two for your own wardrobe this season.

Street style regulars have embraced this Italian footwear brand and we’re not surprised—not only are the silhouettes versatile and attention-grabbing the quality of each shoe stands up to Italian shoemaking standards. 

Designed in London and made in Spain, this footwear label offers imaginative, unshy designs that are worth introducing to any wardrobe no matter your style type.

This Bulgarian shoe brand has amassed a major following in its two short years since launching, in large part thanks to the silhouettes that give a subtle nod to cool 90s influences.

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