39 Pretty Dresses That'll Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

You know what we all deserve on a Friday? Or in general? Eye candy. And lots of it. After all, fashion can be dissected and discussed from every single angle and point of view—and it should be. Once in a while, though, we all deserve a moment to sit back and appreciate fashion for its beauty. And yes, sometimes that’s in the form of 39 epically pretty dresses.

While fashion month ended last week—months ago, by industry speed measurements—we’re backing up to celebrate some of the prettiest moments on the runway courtesy of dresses that really get our hearts racing. Some pile on the lace, feathers, and fringe liberally while others shine for their simplicity. We’re keen to celebrate both equally. Now scroll; your feast for the eyes awaits.

Gives a whole new meaning to mermaid dress.
Even with flip-flops, this ruffled piece is so special.
Never met a Dries print we didn’t love.
Simple, clean, and the perfect shade of blue.
The brand might be known for its sweeping ball gowns, but this fringed number is a stunner.
Your nightgown could never.
Donatella, we applaud you.
Alessandro Michele knows there’s no such thing as too much fringe.
The shiny, ruched, and sheer textures work so beautifully together.
An art project gone so right.
Oh. My. Sleeves.
The loveliest light-as-air dress.
We couldn’t pick a single party dress, so we’ll take all three.
The layered tee is optional but very encouraged.
Anyone else hear wedding bells?
This shimmer is magical.
The black lace provides the perfect balance of sweet and gothic to this look.
A gown worthy of a grand entrance.
A very refined way to wear animal print.
Not for the fainthearted.
Rodarte is the master of beautiful, dreamy gowns. This is merely one of the latest.
And it’s got pockets.
So much cooler than wearing a single strand of pearls.
This is quite the unexpected color pairing.
We didn’t see lavender-and-coral combination coming either.
A neckline we never knew we needed.
A retro—although technically brand-new—print you need to wear with the matching bag, too.
Knot over this one.
We imagine the real magic happens when you throw your hands, and sparkle-covered arms, in the air.
A well-tailored slip dress will always make us happy.
Party time. Excellent.
The lace, the feathers, and the stripes shouldn’t work so well together, but they really do.
Does anyone do a red gown quite like Valentino? (No.)
Not even close to your average LBD.
These pleats are even better in motion.
We’re never not on board with a train.
Keep your silver linings. We like ours neon.

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