4 Cute Umbrellas That Go So Well With a Trench Coat

I think we can all agree that getting caught in a rainstorm or leaving the house unprepared for the day’s precipitation is one of the most unfortunate weather scenarios to get caught in. As long as the weather report is accurate, we’ll be prepping for the next downpour by shopping the one essential we can’t really leave the house without: an umbrella. But not just any umbrella, a cute umbrella that won’t clash with the rest of your oufit (if you’re lucky). If you lament the fact that the clunky accessory so often obscures whatever cool combination your closet came up with that day, may we suggest giving a clear PVC umbrella a go? Alternately, for those facing an endless series of rainy days, swap thatclassic (read: boring) plain umbrella for a much more eye-catching version. Below, four cute umbrellas that were hand-picked to go with a weather-appropriate trench coat (or really any other jacket of choice).

Seasoned Londoner’s know this all too well, but there’s really nothing chicer than a classic black umbrella, especially when worn with a topper as timeless as the trench coat.
The iconic Alexander McQueen skull makes this plain black umbrella a bit more special.
Its sculpted edge is designed so it will never collapse in on you during a particularly windy rainstorm.
Does it get more classic than this London-inspired pick?
Cliché as it sounds, bright, unexpected colors are the easiest way to brighten your mood on an overcast day. Opt for electrifying shades of orange, yellow or pink to inject something refreshing into an otherwise dull day (as far as the weather is concerned).
Pile on the pastel hues when you leave the house in this bright umbrella.
If all else fails, try manifesting the sun through a bright shade of yellow.
This cute umbrella will pop against a monochrome outfit.
Though technically she’s wearing a bomber jacket, this stylish woman opted for a clear PVC umbrella that would easily work with any outfit. Pattern and colorless, the see-through material never clashes with anything.
There’s little chance your clothes or bag will get wet if you’re carrying around a bubble-shaped umbrella like this one.
From the brand that brought us some of the most iconic rainboots in fashion history.
On the plus side, a clear umbrella will never clash with the rest of your outfit.
Just because the weather is gloomy and a bit depressing doesn’t mean your accessories have to be. Pick from all the cute printed umbrellas to add a necessary dose of personality to your rainy day attire.
Black and tan stripes make for an incredibly stylish pair.
You can’t go wrong when it comes to Missoni’s iconic chevron pattern.
Wear with yellow or red to pick up the colors in this tartan print.

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