5 Ankle Boots and Jeans Outfits to Remember Now and in 2019

When it comes to the workhorses of a wardrobe, jeans and ankle boots rank pretty high up there. Now, we probably don’t need to sit here and go over the beauty of both items—you know the drill. They’re equally versatile, work for a billion different occasions (perhaps even every day if you work in a casual office setting), and so on.

While you may have a go-to outfit featuring your favorite pair of denim and booties, there’s no better time to test out a new uniform as you start fresh in 2019, right? To that, we’re featuring five stylish outfits from some of our favorite fashion girls featuring ankle boots and jeans. Keep scrolling for inspiration, and shop each ensemble if you’re ready to find your new go-to look to carry you into the new year.

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