5 Shoe Styles Successful Women Swear By

When it comes to style, some of the most successful women follow the same set of fashion “rules.” For example, they each swear by these five outfit formulas, they’ve each developed an impeccable personal style, and they each keep their closets stocked with the below key shoe styles.

From Anna Wintour to Jessica Alba—each accomplished woman knows a solid thing or two about running a business and dressing for the part… from head to toe. Which, speaking of footwear, today we’re sharing the five styles each woman wears on repeat (so take notes).

Check out each style below, and be sure your shoe selection is set at the end.

A super-affordable version.
These will carry you through fall.
Of course Gucci got the pool slide memo.
You’d never guess these are fast fashion.
You’ll always need a pair of black booties.

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