7 Outfits I'm Re-Creating Straight From NYC Girls' Instagrams

New York City’s always stylish residents are my first stop when searching for the freshest outfit inspiration. There’s no shortage of great style to be had, as anyone who’s ever walked around Manhattan for five minutes will know. But for those of us (myself included) who don’t have the ability to observe a plethora of well-dressed citizens right outside your doorstep, Instagram is the next-best thing. Since I follow so many NYC fashion girls, my feed is like a window into their world—and, by nature, their outfits.

Fall is officially now in full force, so to get my outfit game up to speed I’ve enlisted the help of the chicest NYC girls I know. I’ll be over here carefully studying how each of them approaches fall’s biggest trends while staying true to their sleek, forward style. From the coolest way to wear the western trend to the neon outfit that even those with the most classic style can get on board with, think of the following looks as your crash course in fall 2018 NYC style.

Ahead, I’ve broken down 7 of the best NYC outfits from Instagram to try this fall and equipped you with the key pieces you’ll need to re-create these looks for yourself, too.

There’s a lot of cowboy-inspired trends right now, but NYC girls are keeping the motif true to their sleek style and styling the western pieces with forward-feeling white accessories.
Dark florals and a richly-textured jacket scream “fall” like no other.
If you’ve been hesitant about trying out leopard print, this is the surefire way to wear the buzzy print and look polished.
To anyone who immediately wrote off the neon trend as way too out-there, this look will make you reconsider it, stat.
Clean, timeless, and impossibly easy to wear.
I know there are a lot of trends going on here, but there’s something about the combination of ’80s-inspired puffy sleeves and ’90s grunge-inspired plaid that just works.
Stylish but cozy, this particular outfit combo is shaping up to go viral for NYC girls (and everyone else for that matter) this fall.

BRB, I’ll be over here plotting how to copy each of these cool NYC outfits.

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