9 Affordable Places Women Actually Buy Work Clothes

We know the words “office dressing” don’t tend to conjure up much excitement. Chalk it up to company dress codes or the general disenchantment with the idea of putting on an outfit just to sit in a cubicle, but waking up and dressing for work can feel particularly uninspiring. Luckily enough, it doesn’t have to be. At Who What Wear, we’ve found that one of the best resources for a refresh is from our cool and creative readers. Which is why we tapped our Who What Wear Insiders Facebook group to find out the best stores for work clothes (that are actually affordable).

Below, you’ll find a breakdown from women who work across a range of industries and encounter dress codes that range from techie-relaxed (think jeans and hoodies) to ultra-formal (we’re looking at you, lawyers). Armed with the insider shopping knowledge from other women who have been deep in the work-dressing doldrums, you’ll have a little spark to help inspire your Monday-to-Friday dressing. So check out their takes on the best stores to buy work clothes—and what to keep an eye out for at each. 

Fans of J.Crew noted it’s a great spot for knee-length skirts, tailored tops, and blazers. Available in sizes 00 to 16. 
A printed cardigan works just as easily in a formal office as in one with a more relaxed vibe. Available in sizes XXS to XXL. 
Everlane’s pieces are never fussy, and the quality sets them apart. Available in sizes 00 to 14. 
Worth bookmarking: the brand’s wide selection of simple, sleek work shoes. Available in sizes 5.5 to 11. 
Readers noted that Target’s footwear (including our Who What Wear line, hey!) was a go-to for its price point. Available in sizes 6 to 9.5. 
Also worth noting is the wide selection of under-$50 pieces in a range of sizes. Available in sizes 14W to 26W. 
To add a bit of splash to their wardrobes, many women noted that they cherry-pick trend pieces from Zara. Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Bags and blazers received special callouts from savvy shoppers.
When you’re building a work wardrobe, make sure to have a great, simple blouse. Available in sizes 2 to 8. 
Slim black pants are easy to dress up or down. Available in sizes XS to M. 
Loft’s pretty prints were a big draw for shoppers who favored the brand. Available in sizes 16 to 26. 
Another big hit at Loft: the brand’s wide range of skirts. Available in sizes XXS to XL. 
A conservative dress in a bold hue is a great way to brighten things up in a more conservative office. Available in sizes 0 to 12. 
Banana Republic’s range of classics was a big draw for many women. Available in sizes 0 to 14. 
ASOS was a favorite for women looking for a more fashion-forward twist on standard workwear. Available in sizes 12 to 24. 
When temperatures climb, try swapping a classic blazer for a vest instead. Available in sizes 2 to 8. 
Theory’s blazers were a must for shoppers. Available in sizes 00 to 12. 
A sleek pair of pointed boots is a great alternative to pumps.  Available in sizes 36 to 41.   Now, you’re all set to refresh your work wardrobe. Opening Images: @babba.c and @handinfire.

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