A Frank Conversation About the (Naked, Controversial) Yeezy Campaign

Kanye West has always been a polarizing figure as a musical artist, designer, and celebrity who doesn’t shy away from voicing his opinions. But it seems like, this time, many of us aren’t quite sure how to approach our feelings about him. He’s released two new albums, which I’ve genuinely enjoyed listening to but have felt weird supporting because of personal disagreements with his recent views. He’s also dropped new merch for his album, but he hasn’t slowed his work on Yeezy throughout all this. Yesterday, he shared a campaign for the Yeezy 500 “Supermoon” sneakers shot by Eli Russell Linnetz, and the images have already racked up thousands of likes and retweets on West’s twitter page.

The full collection of photos includes a diverse range of men, women, and children dressed in the signature muted athleisure pieces we’ve come to associate with the Yeezy line. But the campaign has generated conversation on social media because of a range of graphic photos in the campaign showing women completely nude (there are men in a more covert state of undress). Unsurprisingly, the images were sparking a candid conversation on Slack among our team members at Who What Wear (and our parent company Clique), so we decided to highlight a few ways we’re viewing things right now. Read on to see.

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