A Look at Hillary Clinton's Style Over the Past 26 Years

It was 26 years ago when we were introduced to Hillary Clinton as the First Lady of the United States. Since then, her work for and influence on the American people has amplified tenfold—as a senator, as secretary of state, and as the first female presidential candidate to be nominated by a major political party. But while her outfits were never at the forefront of her platforms—which so often spoke to gender equality and affordable education—we can still appreciate how a leader evolved her sense of personal expression over years in the public eye.

With this in mind, we looked back on Clinton’s time in and out of office to revisit some of her most memorable ensembles—not just pantsuits—that define “power outfit” in her own terms.

In a red checkered look while campaigning with her husband in 1992.
An off-duty, yet on-duty, outfit during a Clinton/Gore bus tour.
Clinton waves to the crowd following her husband’s election victory in 1992.
In pastel pink suiting with a coordinating scarf.
During the Arkansas Inaugural Ball, Clinton chose a jewel-tone, lace gown with a matching train.
Clinton wore this Donna Karran, cold-shoulder-silhouette, dress to host the National Governors Association winter meeting with her husband.
While Clinton is often associated with the pantsuit, she’s nearly just as often chose this modest and professional skirt silhouette. 
For a formal affair in 1994, Clinton went for a mostly simple black gown, with a lace-detailed waistline. 
A bold color for a classic silhouette.
Seen here at Election Day in 2000, Clinton tied a sweater around an otherwise classic pantsuit—a combination she’s replicated often.
Secretary Clinton selected a bold neckline flourish to attend the amfAR gala in 2003.
Arriving at the opening of the NATO summit in a metallic-striped jacket.
While attending a wedding in 2011, Clinton went for a more statement making overcoat.
Clinton gave a speech at the State Department in 2011 in this black suit and white, ruffled collar shirt.
On the presidential campaign trail in 2016, Clinton often chose clean-lined designs and impactful colors.
Clinton’s seen here rallying voters in Ohio.
Arguably, this white pantsuit was one of the most significant outfits of the last presidential inauguration.
She selected this yellow jacket during a renaming ceremony for the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law in Swansea, Wales.
Here’s yet another checkered blazer for Clinton, which was worn at the Girls Build Leadership Summit this past year.
While we haven’t often seen Clinton in leather, this modern version of a classic was her choice to speak at The Paley Center this past November.

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