Alabama Man Who Was Arrested For Molesting Horse In 2018 Is Back In The Headlines

Daniel James Bennett was arrested in Mobile

via Mobile Sheriff’s Department

Daniel James Bennett, a 19-year old accused horse molester Alabama Man from back in January 2018, is in the news again and this time he had a rubber sex toy and a taser when he broke into a home by climbing through a window. Bennett, who was arrested for banging a mare named Polly, also had scissors and razor blades during his home invasion.


A Mobile man charged with molesting a horse in 2018 faces new charges after being arrested on burglary charges Monday while in possession of a large rubber sex toy and a taser, among other items.

Daniel James Bennett, 19, was reported to have been knocking on the doors of homes on Matlock Road in Irvington, and is accused of attempting to climb through the window of at least one residence, according to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Dept.

In Jan. 2018 he was charged with attempting to molest a horse, a charge that he admitted to investigators at the time, according to previous reporting.

The owner of the horse, a 20-year-old mare named Polly, told investigators she suspected the horse’s stall had been tampered with several times throughout December.

I’m not a crime expert, but Bennett is starting to put together a real profile here. Bangs a horse, a year later he’s climbing through windows with a giant dildo. Look, it might be time to get a learning experience in the state penitentiary. Banging the horse is one thing, now he’s clearly escalating things to the next level where he’s not even breaking into barns these days.

2018 mugshot for Dan The Man:

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