All the Pieces Rachel Green Would Wear in 2018

The most interesting thing to me about the outfits Jennifer Aniston wore on Friends is that they hit at this moment when 1990s style was transitioning into 2000s fashion. Taped over the years from 1994 to 2004, I watched as the style of her character Rachel Green changed and evolved. She was very invested in fashion—working as a buyer and personal shopper at Bloomingdale’s, then an executive at Ralph Lauren—so it’s no surprise she was interested in wearing the trends of the moment.

Some of the early trends from the show were very ‘90s. There were slip dresses layered over long sleeve tees, lots of mini skirts, and square neck tops. But then as it moved into the ‘00s, she wore more pieces tied to that time. Items like baby tees and leopard printed pieces were mainstays in her wardrobe. Ahead, I’m highlighting some of the pieces that are trending again this year that she would definitely wear again in 2018.

Baby tees with shrunken proportions are making their way back onto the market in 2018. Rachel Green already proved her love for the tops and we know she would wear them again now.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in sizes 0X to 3X.
Available in sizes XS to XXL.
Dainty tennis necklaces were everywhere decades ago and we’re starting to see them pop up again now.
Whether it’s leopard swimsuits or slip skirt styles, there’s no doubting the print has returned in a very big way.
Available in sizes 34 to 42.
Available in sizes 12 to 28.
Available in sizes XS to L.
The combination of this slip dress with strappy sandals feels very 2018.
Available in sizes 35 to 41.
Available in sizes 36 to 41.
Available in sizes 36 to 41.
Available in sizes 5 to 11.

And now, the 2018 trends Princess Diana predicted decades ago.

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