An Ode to the Ever-Stylish Pendant Necklace

If there’s one piece of jewelry fashion insiders cannot live without, it’s a pendant necklace. Whether worn solo or, more popularly, stacked with layers of varying chain lengths, what’s certain is that a little charm goes a long way. They look effortlessly chic with everything from basic white tees to wrap dresses and layered over crewneck sweaters. But the best part about pendant necklaces is they allow you to express your personality and style. Whether it’s a coin necklace, an antique-looking locket, a colored stone, or the ever-popular monogrammed charms, opt for a trinket that speaks to you. Make a statement in one (or four!) of the beautiful pendant necklaces below.

We’re cashing in on the coin craze.
Double layered necklaces are simple yet chic.
Splurge on those famous G’s.
Personalize it!
We love the antique-looking chain and rose.
Wear with literally everything.
Channel Carrie from Sex and the City and spell your name out (so no one will forget).
A pendant set is an easy (and economical) way to layer like your favorite fashion influencers.
Jenny Bird always has unique, modern designs.
We’re head over heels for this vintage locket. Just add a picture of your loved one inside.
For this editor, who loves calligraphy, this pick’s a no-brainer.
Love astrology? Wear the constellation of your zodiac sign—etched in diamonds. 
For the inner bohemian. 
Amp up the charm in this lustrous textured pendant. (The stone comes in various colors.)
It makes for an excellent gift.
Mixed shapes and textures add interest to your outfit.
Wearing a simple top? This will up the cool factor.
A symbolic representation of Dolce & Gabbana’s native Sicily, this one’s a real conversation starter.

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