Anyone Else Freaked Out Brett Favre Has Grandkids & Joe Buck’s Wife Is About To Have Twins?

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Joe Buck turns 49 next week. His wife is about to pop out a couple of twin boys. Meanwhile, Brett Favre turns 49 in October and here he is looking 65 and spending his days being grandpa. What’s it all mean? I have no idea really, but it’s been weirding me out to see Brett looking ancient and doing ancient old man things. On the other hand, I start thinking about Joe Buck living in a house with twins and wondering what the odds are that he ever changes a single diaper (doesn’t count if it’s for an IG Story where he just tries to act like he cares for the camera).

Brett’s back in the news this week because it was announced he did a test to become the color guy on Monday Night Football. Of course the SJWs and Deadspin blogger world jumped his ass because he’s still on the hook for the dong selfie he sent to Jenn Sterger.

From the NY Post:

Late Tuesday, Favre tweeted that he felt he had a good meeting with ESPN and was intrigued by the opportunity, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to do it, if ESPN had chosen him.

“Wanted to clear something up from today’s press on me & ESPN. Truth is I had a good meeting about possibly joining the MNF crew. I was intrigued when they called yet not sure I want to pursue a broadcasting career right now. I wish them the best of luck and a great season. Brett”

Favre likely would have been able to demand the same type of salary as Jon Gruden. ESPN was prepared to offer Manning the same $6.5 million salary as Gruden with possibly even a little room for negotiation, according to sources.

I’m not sure why it freaks me out that Favre’s just sitting around doing grandpa things. I guess it’s because I always pictured Gunslinger chopping down trees until 7:30 and then chasing tail at the bar until it closed. And then doing it again on Friday. It’s weird to think that Gunslinger has this life where he reads books to grandkids. I want all my retired QBs to be living on a beach somewhere crushing happy hour and deep sea fishing.

And you want to talk about really weirded out, how about this life Joe Buck’s about to start living. He’ll have twins the same age as Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan’s twins. Hell, even Jim Edmonds’ wife is about to pump out twins. I keep wondering how many aides you go out and hire. Zero chance Buck’s getting up in the middle of the night to handle a screamer let alone two screamers.

This post has gone in line five different directions. That’s how weirded out I am over all this. That’s also how desperate I am for the NFL Draft. I’m running out of material and getting all caught up on Favre and Buck.

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