Becky Hudson Went Too Big, Yasiel Puig Robbed AGAIN & Florida Man Shows Off During Gardening

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You know what I feel like doing today? Get on the couch and do nothing but watch football. You’ll get that Stanford-Oregon game at 8 which means it’ll be over at like 1 a.m. It’s also Wisconsin-Iowa on FS1. Lot of white guys in that one. White Guy Bowl. Personally, I’m excited for Florida-Tennessee on Rocky Top at 7 on ESPN. A&M-Bama at 3:30 on CBS should be interesting for like 15 minutes.

Becky Hudson told her doctor to blow em up to basketballs

Pete Davidson is a weird fucc…look at his new tattoo

Kordell Stewart’s ex-wife using engagement ring he bought for her in her new marriage

Puig’s house raided AGAIN…that’s like twice this week

Pretty impressive Mark Dantonio stats right here

HS ends 2,177 day football losing streak

Florida Man does some naked gardening even though his neighbors are disgusted

Here’s Alysha Aratari – IG fisherman

He Got All Of That One Video of the Day

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Cheeseburger of the Day

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