Bella Hadid: These Shoes "Are a Big No for Me"

Fashion is all about experimentation, but everyone has a line they won’t cross when it comes to trends. For Bella Hadid, it’s Crocs. Although she’s definitely been spotted in other “ugly” shoe trends like chunky sneakers, Hadid says she won’t be wearing the infamous rubber shoes anytime soon.

On the red carpet, Vogue asked Hadid about her biggest fashion sin, and she wasn’t afraid to name names. “I like taking fashion risks, so I guess there are not a lot of sins I would have. But Crocs are a big no for me. So if I ever did a Croc, they would be my first sin.” Do you agree with her thoughts? Scroll down to see the shoes Bella Hadid does wear on Instagram, including pointed-toe pumps, chunky sneakers, clear-strap sandals, lace-up boots, and more.

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