Bills Fan Passes Away, Wants Bills To Let Him Down One More Time At Funeral

I couldn’t help reading through Lee Merkel’s obituary and thinking that Lee was the kind of guy who sponsored Little League teams, as it mentions in the obit, and got a kick out of the kids — maybe the red team — being sponsored by his gas station. Remember when that was how teams paid for jerseys? If you wanted a team, you went & got the air conditioning company to throw in a couple bucks to get jerseys and hats. I bet Lee never said ‘no.’

You know the kind of guy. Always waving. Always smiling. Had a strong handshake. I bet that was Lee.

Lee, a huge Bills fan, passed away Sunday. The final line in his obit reads: “Lee has requested six Buffalo Bills players as pall bearers so they can let him down one last time.” Something tells me Lee was just the kind of Bills fan I would’ve enjoyed. Probably stopped by the watering hole to have a couple. Tell stories. Told a great dirty joke, maybe. Remembered fondly the days when Jim Kelly had the Bills in four Super Bowls.

Of course Lee was going to have one final one liner for the Bills. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s named an honorary member of #BillsMafia.

From Lee Merkel’s obituary:

Lee C. Merkel, of Raleigh, NC, passed away peacefully in his home on Sunday, October 7, 2018 at the age of 83 surrounded by his family.

Lee was an avid fisherman and sports enthusiast who had a religious-like devotion to the Syracuse Orange and his beloved Buffalo Bills.
Above all, Lee was a devoted father and provider who will be missed dearly by all.

Lee has requested six Buffalo Bills players as pall bearers so they can let him down one last time.

As you know, this isn’t something new from fans. There have been many who’ve wanted to be let down one more time. The kind of guy who adds this to his obit is usually a free-wheelin sunofagun who had a great laugh and lived through some terrible times as a football fan. They left behind a legacy and maybe a grandchild will live long enough to pour one out for grandpa after a title comes to town.

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One of the classic ‘let me down’ obits from Browns fan:

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