#BillsMafia Badass In Action – Again – This Time Dropping Bombs Outside Syracuse Bar

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Thanks to tipsters out of the Buffalo, Syracuse & western New York regions, it appears we have an official #BillsMafia Badass out there who is not to be messed with during street fights, especially at toll booths and outside bars in Syracuse. Remember a couple weeks ago when we posted that toll booth brawl featuring a butterbean-ish dude throwing wild lefts and not afraid to take on multiple guys in a street fight?

Yeah, well last night a tipster sent video from outside a Syracuse bar and it appears it’s the same member of #BillsMafia dropping some dude outside the Clinton Street Pub. It didn’t take long before tipsters noticed the shoes. Noticed the stance. Noticed the way he throws lefts. Noticed his tenacity. Noticed how he leaves himself wide open for a counter attack, but so far, he’s not taken one on the chin.

I’m officially calling this guy the #BillsMafia Badass. Get a good look because you better be ready when the bell rings. This guy is on you like a chinstrap on a draft beer. He comes out of the gate and gets his monies worth – fast.

Have another video of #BillsMafia Badass in action? I’d like to see it. Send word. or @bustedcoverage across social. DMs are wide open.

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