Bri Teresi Out Here Trying To Dominate IG, Emmitt Smith Up To No Good & Harbaugh Threat Guy Says Sorry

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By now you know what’s on TV tonight. NBA-NHL-NBA-NHL. And Twins-Yankees on ESPN. Imagine that…the Yankees on ESPN. Oh, and Nats-Giants at 10 on MLB TV. Just another typical April night where you sit on the couch and do nothing when there are plenty of chores that need done. Get rested, Thursday night is going to be nuts.

Bri Teresi (not Johnny’s wife) is another IG model with a dream

McGregor flips off photogs at airport…the fake drama rolls on

Emmitt Smith – traitor

21 pitch AB! 

Former UM football player says sorry for Harbaugh threats

This Florida Man was on LSD & knocked out a teen girl at gas station

TN news station was off by a couple of animals

Here’s Cali from Arizona

Kicking A Football Off A Guy’s Back Video of the Week

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Burger of the Day

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