Browns Fans Selling Rally Possum T-Shirts

I just knew a Cleveland Browns Rally Possum t-shirt was coming and I said it would be out by 6 a.m., approximately six hours after the Browns secured that elusive victory over the Jets. And there it was this morning after I got up to do my weekly radio hit — the Rally Possum. I sat down on the toilet for two seconds, started to scroll Twitter and there it was in my notifications.

A possum can turn itself into a money-making opportunity in very few cities, but Cleveland is the perfect city in which to make dreams come true because if I know one thing about Cleveland, it’s that these people love random shirts they’ll wear to the bar that only the real fans know what it represents.

And it can be yours for $25.

*Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with these shirts. I’m not making a dollar. I don’t know the t-shirt sellers. Etc. 

Thanks for sharing! 🙌🏼

— Tyler Jack (@TylerJack_12) September 21, 2018

Cleveland t-shirt companies will be selling Rally Possum shirts on the streets by 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. Those guys are incredible.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 21, 2018

All over one possum who was trying to live his/her life at First Energy on a Thursday night:

Nbd, just a Browns fan catching a possum tonight at the stadium

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 21, 2018

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