Buy This Panthers Creeper Van For $1,000 (OBO)… It Needs A Lot Of Work

via Craigslist

Perhaps the only thing more beaten up than Cam Newton is this Carolina Panthers-themed 1994 Chevy G20 van, which is available in Ballantyne for the price of $1,000 (OBO). As you likely figured, the van is super cheap because it’s a project on multiple fronts — it needs a fresh paint job, new tires, and possibly engine repairs. Whether it’s worth the hassle to fix it up is anyone’s guess.

via Craigslist

From the ad:

Recently it started to act up while driving down to Myrtle Beach. It will drive down the road fine and then all of a sudden act like its not getting gas to the engine for a few seconds. When you feather the gas to not stall out, all the gas you feathered hits at the same time and the van goes into turbo mode (I’m assuming all the gas finally makes it to the engine). Some times during this process you may stall in which case it either starts right back up or (I think due to the gas flooding the engine) you have to play with it for a minute or two (but what doesn’t work this way). Either way my fun Van would take to much time for me to mess with at this point. It could be an easily fixed

Doesn’t sound good! Maybe just buy another cheap van, preferably one without issues, and turn that into a Panthers ride? Or just wait for something else to hit the market. Remember, it’s only June. You’ve got all summer to find the perfect van or bus.

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