Curt Schilling Got Himself A Nice Midlife Crisis Jesus Tattoo

Ever wonder what Curt Schilling has been up to since he got fired from ESPN a few years back? We all know he’s deep into the MAGA community these days and that he’s a major proponent of internet memes, but after he left the sports world I kind of just gave up Curt. People forget that he was actually a very good baseball analyst.

Now he’s hosting a daily radio show on Breitbart, which is right up Curt’s alley. It looks like he’s finally settled into his niche, with no more political pressure from those ESPN bosses. He and his MAGA crew can just live in their own world, talking about god knows what on the radio every day.

There’s been a couple of instances where it seemed Curt really fell into a midlife crisis. The meme kick he’s been on the last few years really suggests that, along with him sinking millions of dollars into a video game company that failed miserably. All very good midlife crisis scenarios. But I’m here to tell you that now – this week – we officially have midlife crisis Curt. This tattoo right here. This giant Jesus tat on his left arm that you’ve probably seen on the internet hundreds of times already.

Locking down that ticket to heaven early, I see. Curt knows full well that God can’t deny a guy at the pearly gates rocking a tat like this. Now all that’s left is for him is Cooperstown.

And yes, somebody did remind him that this was not his most original idea.

Curt’s son also got a tattoo recently…nothing like some father-son tat bonding

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