Daniela Braga Gets Monday Rolling, UFC Fighter’s Finger & Bron Bron Shakes Off L At Diddy Party

Titans-Cowboys…GET SOME OF THAT on a Monday night…Booger will be in his modified cart and Jason Witten’s hair will look incredible. There’s also some NBA action to fake care about. Your 2019 NBA champions have a game tonight on their journey to yet another title. Yawn. I might put up a TV in the basement. Confirmed, it’s time.

Daniela Braga gets Monday off and running

Bron Bron shakes off L by stopping by Diddy’s birthday party

UFC fighter’s finger is slightly crooked

Why the Brazilian soccer guy was mutilated & had his genitals cut off…this is wild stuff

Tom Herman IS NOT happy with Will Grier

Florida Woman stabs Florida Man with an alarm clock

Local TV weather guy wants you to vote on Wednesday

Here’s Lexis from Kentucky

Sweater & Slick Shades SZN Video of the Week

Your Moment of Flair….girls…turn that car around, get in line & wait your turn for a ride on Space Mountain

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) November 5, 2018

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