Dez Bryant And OBJ Mixed In A Workout Together Last Night

Well, I think its pretty clear Dez Bryant wants to play for the Giants. It’s not like he’s trying to hide it at this point. Literally the day he got cut last week he talked about playing the Cowboys twice next season, so narrowed down his selection to three teams. The real question was if any of the teams actually wanted Dez because let’s be honest here, he was a bum last year.

But then yesterday the Giants go and cut Brandon Marshall which fired up the rumor mill once again. A few hours later, Dez and OBJ hit the gym together and made sure those cameras were rolling for the IG. There were already reports of Dez wanting to play in NYC earlier this week and I think you could say this confirms that.

Instagram Photo

Also, don’t miss what’s on that giant screen behind them. A little extra motivation.

If the Giants do end up signing Dez, what’s the over/under on when we see a sideline fight between these two? Week 9? It’s either going to be that or they gang up on Eli, which would just be magical. Either way, this has potential to be a beautiful disaster.

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