Dodgers Fan Makes 3-Foot Tommy Lasorda Bobbleheads, Tommy Likes Them So Much He Stops By To Sign A Few

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You know we’re suckers for any good story that has anything to do with Tommy Lasorda. We’ve covered just about everything Tommy related and then this 3-foot Tommy bobblehead fell into my lap Wednesday while I was doing my normal Lasorda searches.

Here’s the short story of Instagram bobblehead guy 10thPlayer and the 3-footers that he made, then showed up at a Lasorda signing where Tommy perked up over these pieces of art. One thing led to another and Lasorda was at a folding table outside 10thPlayer’s garage (above) signing more bobbleheads.

Tommy Lasorda liked my 3ft bobblehead so much he ask to keep if he can keep one lol good thing I took two with me ??? yes I let him keep one

He was asking $650 per 3-footer back in November. That was before Lasorda signed. Contact him for the new price.

10thPlayer tells me the 3-footers take 4-5 hours/per to make. His Instagram shows restoration projects, bobblehead painting and bobblehead customization.

Are you the least bit interested in bobbleheads? Go follow this guy.

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

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