Dolly Castro For The Dump Loyalists, Bron’s Wife Is Out Of Here & Florida Man Taken Out By E-Cig

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Here we goooooooo with Warriors at Rockets Game 2. Can the Rockets possibly do anything to stop the Big 3? Is the NBA season officially over before Memorial Day? Greatest evah? Will James Harden challenge Durant to a shave the beard cage match? Tune in tonight at 9 on TNT.

Dolly Castro for you savage beasts who still click on the Dump

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Kurt Cobain’s famous acoustic guitar lost in divorce proceedings

Bron’s wife is like ‘F This’ — she’s in Australia

Celtics fans have a chant for J.R. Smith

Florida Man killed by exploding e-cig

Florida TV station coed softball team name is Fake News

Here’s Audrey from FSU

This is what being ready to hit the golf course looks like Video of the Day

Burger of the Day

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