Eagles Fans Were Watching Hockey, NASCAR & Sleeping At The Superdome During Blowout

This guy was watching NASCAR while the Eagles were losing to the Saints.

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What if I told you the Redskins & Cowboys would be playing on Thanksgiving Day for the NFC East lead and the Redskins would be doing it with Colt McCoy because Alex Smith’s leg is broken and he’s likely gone for a full calendar year? Crazy, right? That’s what we’re facing after the Eagles got curbstomped by the Saints and two games out of the lead in the East. Suddenly the Cowboys look like a division contender while the Eagles are a “mess.”

How bad was it today in New Orleans? A quick investigation led me to content I wasn’t expecting to see, including Eagles fans in attendance watching NASCAR….N-A-S-C-A-R…hockey and one lady decided to get some sleep while the Saints won 48-7.

It was a complete mess if you thought the Eagles were going to find a way to slow down Brees…hahahaha:

One of those days for Drew Brees and the Saints

363 YDS
4 TD
48-7 win over Eagles

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) November 19, 2018

That led to this guy catching some hockey action:

This guy was keeping an eye on the NASCAR finale while the Saints were just getting warmed up at 31-7:

And this lady just said eff it, time to get some sleep:

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