Every Swimsuit Trend I'm Telling My Friends About

There are certain things I look forward to every summer—movies in the park, the return of Aperol spritz season, diving into a great new book—but topping the list is my travel itinerary and the clothes that are thrown into my suitcase. And swimsuits are one of the very first things that get added to my bag. This summer, I’m particularly looking forward to days by the beach because of all of the cool swimsuit trends that are on the market right now.

In the past, I haven’t ventured too far outside of staples like simple black one-pieces or striped string bikinis, but this year I’m pushing myself to experiment with more new trends like the “scrunchie” swimsuit I tried recently. Rather than keep these to myself, I’ve been texting my friends with all of the bikinis and one-pieces on my radar in an attempt to narrow in on the ones I’ll be trying out for those afternoons soaking up that summer sun. Ahead, I’m breaking down the ten best summer swimsuit trends of 2018 (and you’ll probably catch me wearing each of these sometime in the months to come).

I’ve been seeing lurex swimsuits everywhere and they truly feel special. Who doesn’t want to add a little subtle shine to their outfit?

Available in sizes S to L.
Available in Italian sizes 38 to 46.
Available in Danish sizes 34 to 42.
Available in sizes 12 to 24.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in British sizes 6 to 14.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes 1X to 4X.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes 0 to 4.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes 14 to 18.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in one size.

I’m one of the biggest leopard fans out there and truly believe it’s a seasonless print. Now, it’s popping up everywhere in the swimsuit scene.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have an affinity for anything retro or nostalgic—and that includes these cool one-pieces.

The closer we move to summer, the brighter the colors seem to be getting. Neon is certainly back.

Modest swimwear is a fast-growing movement and these cardigans are the perfect way to add some coverage to your beach look.

This is one of those classic summer prints that always comes back around. You can never go wrong with polka dots.

This is one of those silhouettes that looks good on everyone. I promise you that.

Bikini bottoms that dip low in the middle and are high cut on the sides are showing up everywhere. I’ll blame this on the return to all things ’80s right now.

I recently tried out the “scrunchie” swimsuit trend and, yes, I’m a big fan.

I’ve already spotted these square neckline swimsuits on Parisians like Sabina Socol and Anne-Laure Mais, so I’m dubbing this the French girl swimsuit for summer.

Now, can you tell why I’m having trouble narrowing down which swimsuit styles to try this summer?

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