Florida Man Claims He Beat TF Out Of The Guy Who Broke Into His Jeep

A Florida Man claims this man broke into his Jeep

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Florida Man Jackson Herr is claiming responsibility for allegedly whipping some guy’s ass who might’ve broke into his Jeep and stole a couple things. In a video posted on Old Row, Herr is on screen showing us his Jeep and saying how a thief broke in, trashed it and stole his credit cards (not sure what kind of sick individual leaves credit cards in a Jeep Wrangler soft top).

And then the video transitions to Herr saying he caught the alleged thief, who is bleeding like a stuck pig with what seems to be a cop over top of him. Now, am I positive this video is legit and not some social media fake job and Herr just happened to come across a guy with his face all bloodied being arrested for something totally different?

It’s possible. Anything is possible these days. We’ll have to wait and see if this pops up in the Florida media to get full confirmation. That said, it’s Florida and if I’ve ever learned anything about Florida it’s that you should never doubt that state. The minute you get caught saying something has to be fake, Florida will knock your ass down with a legit story.

Anyway, here’s the incident and shots of Herr’s Jeep confirming it’s his.

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