For The Cheeseheads: A 1990 Chevy Suburban “Packermobile” Is For Sale — $7,500

After looking through the gallery of the 1990 Chevrolet Suburban Packermobile above, my first thought was, “How could a diehard Cheesehead fan part with this ultimate Packers tailgate ride?” Retired numbers, quotes by Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr, a Packers headliner, green and gold ambulance lights… this thing has everything you could possibly want so what’s the catch?

The answer is there is none. The current owner is apparently moving to Colorado and isn’t taking it with him, opening up this golden opportunity for Packers fans to buy their ride for life. $7,500 and you’re good for seasons to come.

From the ad:

This is a one of a kind super clean 1990 9 seat Packermobile Suburban. It has a packer headliner, Green and Gold working ambulance lights with 3 sirens and loudspeaker in grille with in cab microphone. This was a Tan truck repainted in Packers colors. It is a rust free example of a 1990 Suburban. It has quotes from Lombardi and Starr on fenders, Titles are listed on door…retired numbers are on back door, Team owner on front doors…it is a Packer backer dream truck and I would not sell it if I wasn’t moving to Colorado where they may not appreciate my style of fandom… My loss may be your tailgating gain.

Probably a smart move by this person to not drive a Packermobile around Denver. It’s not worth listening to the snide comments every day, plus there’s no doubt a Packers fan will buy at full ask.


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