Gronk Won’t Attend Optional Workouts Because He “Has Dirt Biking Skills To Work On”

I’m not sure why Gronk keeps dodging these retirement questions when it sure seems like he’s coming back? There definitely was a point where it actually looked like might retire, but from everything we’ve gathered since it seems like he’s definitely going to play. ESPN reported he’s “pretty certain” about playing. He even told some random guy who told another guy at a St. Patty’s Day party that he wasn’t retiring. Good enough for me.

But seriously, why is he dragging this out? Is it because he might really have beef with Belichick right now? Who knows, but it seems pointless to keep dodging it unless he’s really unsure.

Today, he had a presser at a Supercross event in Foxboro and dodged every question about his future. Instead, he talked about working on dirt-biking skills while decked out in motocross gear.

Hopefully Belichick is too busy playing with his new dog, because if he’s still the Belichick we all know, this marriage could end quickly. Don’t be surprised if Gronk gets shipped out of town.

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