Hawks Fan Nails Half Court Shot With A Little Sidewinder Form For $10,000

Listen, if the shot goes in, it goes in. That’s all that matters. You think Lonzo Ball would’ve been the 2nd pick in the draft this year if people cared about how pretty your form is? You think Shawn Marion would’ve been a multiple time all-star if team’s cared about his two-handed flick shot? Nope.

So, so what if buddy here from the Hawks game last night used all his might to get that ball to the rim and had a little sidewinder in there? He might get dragged on the internet today for that little wiggle, but he cashed out to the tune of 10,000 and he’ll be enjoying Christmas.

And how about the reporter acting like she hit the shot? She celebrated harder than my man Norman with that center court fist pump to the crowd. Does she think she’s getting a cut or something?

Rovell called it the “most unorthodox halfcourt shot ever… never forget

Also, I’m with this guy

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