Here Is 2 Minutes Of Mike Leach Explaining Why He Hates Golf

I still can’t believe Tennessee dropped the ball on hiring this man. We need Mike Leach in the SEC and we’ve needed it for years. This guy deserves a national spotlight. He would’ve slid right into the quote machine role that Spurrier left open a few years back when he retired, that has still yet to be filled. Just imagine Mike Leach at SEC Media week, just imagine the content and material that would come out of that.

Instead, he’s out on the west coast in Washington dropping fire rant after fire rant each week that doesn’t get picked up until two days after the fact. Take this one for example. If you took Coach Leach for a golf guy – even though everything we know about Leach points to him probably not being a fan – you were sorely mistaken, obviously.

Here are just a few of Mike’s thoughts on golf:

“It’s boring and I don’t care where that ball goes.”

Pretty straightforward. Mike doesn’t give a shit where your ball goes.

After two minutes of ranting and making fun of guy’s who practice their swing with an imaginary club, he ends with this:

Golf’s pretty much for people that don’t swear effectively enough or need practice at it. And so there are people that need golf and I don’t think I do.”

Get this man in the SEC.

Leach is clearly too busy tracking raccoons to play your stupid golf

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