Homeless Guy In American Flag Shorts Arrested After Stealing A Coors Beer Truck, Leading Cops On A Wild Chase

Not quite the story you were expecting on 4/20, huh? While all you kids are smoking that reefer, we’re talking beer today and let me tell you what, this might be the most American story you’ll ever see. The headline explains it all. We had a homeless guy quite literally wearing nothing but American flag shorts and Payless sneakers lead cops on a wild goose chase yesterday after stealing a giant Coors beer truck. We’re talking a big rig full of beer. Enough to last this guy probably a week or two.

We have some more details from Fox News:

A Coors truck driver was making a delivery at a Santa Rosa liquor store when a customer entered the store and told the driver that a man had climbed into his parked truck and driven away, a police report said.

The customer described the suspect as an apparent homeless man dressed only in red, white and blue shorts.

A GPS system inside the truck gave police the suspect’s location “within minutes,” according to the report.

Santa Rosa police officers, including a K-9 officer and his partner, and a Henry-1 helicopter unit from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to the scene where witnesses reported seeing the suspect on foot after having apparently abandoned the truck.

Love the effort, love the tenacity. That GPS system will get you, though. You couldn’t expect him to know to turn that off. I know I wouldn’t have thought of that and who knows if it’s even possible to turn it off. So close to having all the beer he could imagine.

Eventually, the cops caught up to him “in minutes”, which is hilarious, but he’s wasn’t going down easy. First, he led them on a chase before ending up on foot, which was beautifully caught on camera by KTUV. Like I said, the effort was there, the execution was a different story.

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