How to Tuck Your Shirt Like a Street Style Pro

Like any decent styling trick, the art of tucking in your shirt is easy to learn yet will elevate any look to stylish new heights. But not all the ways to tuck in your shirt are made equally, and we would argue that there’s a time and a place for each style. Heading to an important meeting or need to make a winning first impression? The full tuck is your fail-safe way to pull your look together. Or maybe you want to cozy up in the perfect knit. Try the front tuck to add just the right amount of waist-defining shape. However you choose to tuck your shirt in, read on for our easy-to-follow formulas and become a bona fide expert in no time. Be sure to shop the tops that are perfect for tucking in at the end.

Business in the front, party in the back: This tuck is the perfect option for defining your waist without making it the focal point. Transform any knit or sweater from bulky to polished by tucking in just a few inches of material in the front. Keep reading to see exactly how to execute the front tuck.
Start with a casual, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt to achieve this relaxed look. 
Halfway between your hip bone and navel, pinch a small section of the sweatshirt and push into the waistband.
Pull the sides down so they fall out over the waistband.
Styling tip: Elevate this laid-back outfit with a pair of strappy sandals.  
Tucking in your shirt all the way around instantly pulls together your ensemble for a professional result. The full tuck is perfect for striking a polished note and recommended for important meetings and interviews. Keep reading to see exactly how to execute the full tuck.
Opt for a classic Oxford shirt for this office-appropriate look.
Tightly tuck in the shirt completely.
Raise your arms overhead to un-tuck just the right amount of fabric.
Styling tip: This versatile look works for all types of shirts.
Create a cool, deliberately undone look with the half tuck. A favorite among the street style set, you’ll create an effortlessly chic vibe by tucking in just one half of your button-down shirt. Keep reading to see exactly how to execute the half tuck.
A button-down blouse works best for this type of tuck. Starting at the bottom, unbutton your shirt up to the point where it hits the waistband.
Tuck in the button side of the shirt.
Bunch up a bit of fabric on the tucked-in side for a carefree look.  
Styling tip: Pair your half-tucked top with slim bottoms to prevent a disheveled appearance. Click through to shop the tops that are easily tucked into pants and skirts.
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Available in sizes S to L. And when you just can’t be bothered to tuck in your shirt any longer, try one of these outfits with a long-sleeve bodysuit. This post was published at an earlier date and has been updated by Anna LaPlaca.

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