How to Wear an Oversize Denim Jacket

You’ve probably had a denim jacket in your closet for, well, forever but this season they’re a little different than the ones you might have worn in the past. You know and love the slightly slouchy fit and perfectly worn-in feel of boyfriend jeans—well, now it’s time to meet the boyfriend jean jacket. The oversize lightweight layer offers a fresh spin on an old summer classic, and it can be paired with almost anything, making it a must-have piece.

If you’re curious about the best way to style an oversize denim jacket, we’ve picked up on a few simple rules for wearing the summer staple. First, don’t be afraid to wear it with jeans. In fact, many of our favorite outfits include a denim-on-denim look. Next, try rolling up the sleeves. This works especially well if you have sleeves with a cool pattern underneath. And finally, experiment with it. Try wearing it off your shoulders or in place of a top. The sky’s the limit.

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Match an oversize denim jacket with blue jeans to make a statement. 
Accessorize your denim jacket with a neck tie. 
Opt for a distressed denim jacket look. 
For a minimal look,  wear a white tee with an oversize denim jacket. 
During the fall, button up your denim jacket to style it as a top. 
A distressed denim jacket is easily complemented by a feminine white dress. 
Add patches to your vintage denim jacket to create a new feel. 
An oversize jacket is an easy throw on for summer nights. 
A bright pattern, like this striped skirt, is toned down from denim material. 
Reconstructed denim is one of this summer’s most popular trends. 
Style your denim jacket with a summer bag and clean sneakers. 
Wear dark-wash denim with a floral summer dress like a French girl. 
A jean jacket is a perfect piece for transitioning into fall. 
Style a jean jacket with retro jewelry. 
A denim jacket is the perfect third piece to wear to the office. 
Retro girls love wearing a vintage-inspired denim jacket. 
Fashion girls like Rhianna unbutton the top of their denim jacket and wear it off the shoulder. 
Throw on this jacket at a summer barbecue. 
To go for an athleisure look, style a hoodie underneath an oversize denim jacket. 
Denim can be paired with any material to achieve a more casual look.

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