I Spent a Week in Italy Without Looking Like a Tourist —See What I Wore

On a late night at the beginning of August, I was thumbing through Instagram and landed on a 1990s Vogue editorial. In it, Claudia Schiffer is snapped by Arthur Elgort in a collection of photos that are shot throughout Rome, where the model is taking in the local sights, dining alfresco, and wearing some of the decade’s most iconic looks. It’s a series I’ve seen before and am all too familiar with; in fact, one of the images has been the screensaver on my computer for the past year.

Landing on that image during that 1 a.m. social media dive, though, was all I needed to book an impulsive ticket overseas to Italy. I hadn’t planned any major trips over the summer and took it as a sign to book a ticket without overthinking things too much. After all, I’d had Italy on the brain since last spring and knew I had to follow my instincts. Fast-forward a week, and my dad decided to join me on the last-minute trip—and the experience of exploring Italy together is one I’ll never forget.

As a fashion editor, naturally, I thought first about which outfits I’d pack into my suitcase for the getaway. My personal approach is always to wear pieces from my everyday wardrobe, mixed with a few special items picked up with the destination in mind—a formula that always helps me avoid looking like a tourist when I arrive. Ahead, see all the outfits I wore during my eight days in Italy, as well as the incredible spots I visited during my time there.

The moment I saw this dress, I knew I needed to pack in for Italy.
Did this book make anyone else want to book a trip to Italy?
I’ve been quick to jump on board with the leopard jean trend and thought Rome was the perfect spot to test them out.
I picked up these affordable sandals from Zara before I left and wore them with nearly every outfit on my trip.
It’st just so perfectly dreamy-looking, right?
I’ve been very into smocked tops this summer and couldn’t resist packing this one for Italy.
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Monday Swimwear’s perfect one-piece swimsuits. I wore their leopard version earlier this summer.
Italian-made shoes hailing from Venice, these were one of the first things I packed in my suitcase.
Like I said, I’m very into smocked tops at the moment.
This is easily one of my favorite colors for fall, so I couldn’t wait to slip into it this summer.
I love this casual take on a pencil skirt.
I’ve been wearing this skirt on repeat all summer long.
One of my best purchases of the season. I wore this dress on repeat during my trip.

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