I Think I'm Too Old to Wear This Jewelry Trend, But That's Not Stopping Me

If you don’t like the trends of the ’80s, you’re kind of SOL this season. Truth be told, it hasn’t been the easiest pill for me to swallow. The flashy, glamorous trends of the decade have always felt a little over-the-top for me, but as someone who likes to wear the latest trends, I’m doing my best to figure out ways too subtly incorporate the ’80s into my fall wardrobe. One of the biggest ones is a cute earring trend that I’ve admittedly pondered whether or not I’m too old to wear it on multiple recent occasions. That trend is oversized heart earrings. A few years ago we might’ve called them tacky and juvenile, but the ’80s revival (and designer Alessandra Rich) has made them cool, and this statement earring trend is on the path to even match the popularity of the chunky gold hoops we all know and love.

After seeing tons of heart earrings on Instagram and on the market, I decided to ignore my hangups and just get myself a pair. I decided on a pair by Bagatiba, which I’m wearing in the photo below. The felt a little more delicate than many of the heart earrings on the market and felt like just one step above gold hoops on the “Extra” scale.

Scroll on to see the trend in action on Instagram and to shop 25 pairs of perfect heart earrings.

This is the pair that went viral on Instagram. 
This is the pair I chose.
These are small in size but the colors pack a punch.
I love the hand-crafted feel of these.
So unexpected and fresh.
I’d keep it simple and pair these with a white T-shirt and jeans.
Like little works of art.
These are big but surprisingly easy to wear. 
No pierced ears, no problem.
Alessandra Rich does it again.
As “Extra” as it gets.
The most classic take on the trend on the market.
These also come in a diamond version.
Cool-girl brand Bagatiba is really owning the trend right now.
I love this sweet, unique take on the trend.
Your Instagram feed needs these.
$20 of fun.
These are so Miu Miu.
I found the cure for all boring outfits.
Wear these with an LBD.
Catch these beauties while they’re on sale.
These are surprisingly versatile.
Hit two trends in one with these logo earrings.
Invest in these for the upcoming holiday party season.
It’s impossible not to compliment these.

Next up, the jewelry trend every girl in NYC will wear this fall.

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