IGer Denise Schaefer Looks Ready For The Weekend, Cody Parkey Needs To Stop & F1 Guy Neck Workout

I told Mrs. BC to be ready to get Little BC & BC3 out of the house tonight. I don’t care where we eat dinner, but things will end with at least an hour of their asses running around a Chick fil A playground while I sit there staring into space. Those of you who’ll be at home, I suggest the Sony Open at 6 ET on Golf Channel. Last night’s coverage put me in a happy spot. Palm trees, sun, Davis Love fishing. It was so pure. There’s also the normal basketball and hockey if you’re into not taking a night off from that stuff.

IGer Denise Schaefer gets the weekend rolling

Study: Women can handle more pain than men…did we really need a study for that?

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Cody Parkey misses kick, feels terrible, won’t go on Twitter, let’s it all out on Today Show

Miller Lite slurps on Bud Lights sloppy seconds, offers Eagles fans free beer

F1 guy doing a weird neck workout routine that doesn’t look safe

Weather Guy fired for MLK slur that Mike Greenberg let fly back in the day but wasn’t fired

Meet Tim Tebow’s future wife

Heading Into Divisional Round Weekend Like…Video of the Week

Cheeseburger of the Day

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