Isaiah Thomas Wants To Know Where His Custom Suit From LeBron Is

If you were watching playoff basketball last night, you likely saw the custom team suits that LeBron bought for his teammates that he probably wants back now after they squandered a 17-point lead in route to big fat L. That’s what, maybe $50k sunk into those things only to go down 2-0? Tough for Bron Bron, might be time to take those suits back.

But before that, Isaiah Thomas, a former Cav now a Laker that was shipped off in LeBron’s house cleaning in February, is looking for his custom suit. You wouldn’t think he deserved one as he’s not currently on the team, but he did get fitted for it before he was traded.

Deal’s a deal, LeBron. Gotta send him that suit.

Of course, the internet had a field day with this. There were about 700 variations of this joke, but this response nailed it because that might actually be Isaiah’s suit.

Now the question is: do they wear the suits again? Even with that bad juju, I think you have to. Get your money’s worth. Hopefully we see them in game 4.

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