John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017: All The Best Reactions To Moz The Monster's Star Turn

In one of the nation’s most bizarre festive traditions, there’s only one topic up for discussion in Twittersphere right now, and that’s the new John Lewis Christmas advert.

Despite the ad only being unveiled this morning (10 November), Moz the Monster is already a trending topic on Twitter and near-enough household name thanks to his antics in the retailer’s new campaign, which focuses on the friendship between a young boy and the monster who lives under his bed.

Of course, it didn’t take long before the ad got people’s imaginations running wild, particularly thanks to the theme of a “monster under the bed”…

The new John Lewis advert has a total disregard for Monster safety. Clearly a 23-19 — Jack Wood ? (@jackandwood)
Our on how the much awaited new John Lewis Xmas ad will feel in Downing Street — George Osborne (@George_Osborne)
Loving the new No. 10 John Lewis Christmas ad… — Brandy Snap (@Brandy_Snap)
I immediately thought that we have a 2319 when I saw the John Lewis Christmas Advert — Michaela (@Oh_So_Blissful)
So the Christmas advert? Anyone else thinking ‘we’ve got a 23-19’ the whole way through? — Aoife (@magpie_cc)
Moz (climbing out from under the bed): “I’ve got you a present” Cute kid: “Oh wow!” Moz: “I’ve replaced the turkey with a nut roast” — Rick (@rickburin)
Well, I stopped being a Morrissey fan after some of his nastier comments, but calling Moz a monster – I wouldn’t take it that far — The Budget Tourist (@budget_tourist)
Very disappointed that the John Lewis “Moz The Monster” advert isn’t just 3 minutes of Morrissey making xenophobic slurs. — Jason Edwards (@agent_jedwards)
Can someone explain the plot of the John Lewis advert to me? Boy discovers noisy monster under his bed, befriends it, cant sleep. Monster feels bad, so boys MOTHER (?) buys him a night light? Which kills the monster? What? — Nadineydoll (@Nadineydoll)
I don’t get the new John Lewis ad. It’s cute but makes no sense. Why was the night light needed? The kid clearly wasn’t afraid of the dark or monster. Not really a tearjearker more a head scratcher — Firstplacelast? (@Firstplacelast)
Just watched the John Lewis advert with …anddd don’t get it. What has got to do with Xmas? — James Lewer (@jameslewerUK)
I don’t get the John Lewis advert. I they trying to say people should conform with society, shop at John Lewis, and lose all of their imagination? Also, it’s just crap — Howell Davies (@HOWELLDAVIES)
I don’t get the John Lewis advert. Have I missed something ‘heartwarming’? Child makes friends with monster living under bed. Monster gets child Christmas present. Monster buggers off and leaves child sad. — Murdo Morrison (@murdo83)
John Lewis Christmas Ad is out, and OMG it’s depressing. His best friend sacrifices his existence for him. — Zanna Wharfe (@zannawharfe)
Where does go at the end of the ad? I think either Dancing On Ice or he’s off to do Celebrity Hunted Your theories please… — NOEL (@noelvineradio)
Moz the Monster is a London millennial who is paying £1200 a month to sublet under a little boy’s bed and his Christmas present is being let off the electricity bill for a month — Sophie Hall (@SophLouiseHall)
So the John Lewis ad with – once the kid gets the nightlight … won’t he miss his friend like? Did anyone ask him if he WANTED to get rid of him? ???‍♀️? — Stefanie Preissner (@StefPreissner)
a bit rubbish Why does he need the night light? He’s already friends with the monster. The crap wrapping would suggest the monster gave it to him – why would the monster give him a gift that then means the monster is banished? — Tony Sibley (@ToneSibley)
Buster The Boxer calls his agent, livid. “A monster under the bed?” He shouts. “A CGI MONSTER UNDER THE BED? I SPENT 8 MONTHS LEARNING HOW TO BOUNCE ON A TRAMPOLINE, JEFF.” — innocent drinks (@innocent)
Ok, so I thought I was a terrible present wrapper until I saw the the John Lewis advert. I’m kind of relieved. — March Payne (@March_Payne)
Slight improvement from John Lewis this year. Almost mistook the present for being wrapped by me it was that bad. — Stephen Gray (@stevegrayfs)
The John Lewis ad might not be perfect, but ultimately it’s raising awareness for those of us who are CRAP AT WRAPPING. — Daisy Buchanan (@NotRollergirl)
Well the John Lewis advert is great… Parents buy boy a badly wrapped present which murders his only friend & leaves boy lonely for christmas. Really gives you the feels. — Sean (@WafcSean)
Not the best John Lewis Xmas ad this year but at least the Monster has a similar level of wrapping skills to me. — Richard Jones (@RichLJones)
Ok, so I thought I was a terrible present wrapper until I saw the the John Lewis advert. I’m kind of relieved. — March Payne (@March_Payne)
So the moral of that dreadful John Lewis ad is “a badly wrapped present will kill your best friend”? — Shane O’Connor (@Shaneonair)
While you can watch it online now, this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert – featuring musical accompaniment from Elbow, with a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Golden Slumbers’ – will get its TV debut tonight at 9pm on Channel 4 and Sky’s own channels.

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