Justin Verlander Responds To A Fan’s Chirping With “No, You Suck” Signs

via jacobqualls3/Twitter

What is this we have here? Justin Verlander having fun, not taking things too seriously and complaining about unwritten rules? This is a nice way get people back on your side after the internet called you a whiny baby Friday night for complaining about somebody stealing while you’re down 5-0. Talk a little shit to a fan.

It’s hard to read the signs in the video, but according to the guy who posted it, some lady fan had been chirping Verlander and the Astros all night with some good old-fashioned ‘you suck’s. Quick-witted Verlander responded with a comeback for the ages written on two pieces of paper.

“No, you suck”

Less complaining about unwritten rules, more of this, Verlander. Let’s all relax and have some fun.

Here was Verlander’s beef from Friday night

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