Kate Beckinsale’s Daughter, Greg Hardy’s New Career & Calipari’s Dogs Look Like Killers

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I guess you’ll want to watch Game 7 of the World Series tonight. Should be an electric atmosphere. All the stars will be out. Joe Buck’s dicc will be hard. Big Papi will finally stop talking tomorrow morning. I have no clue what the TV numbers will be like, but the atmosphere around baseball is finally fun. Did you see Joc Pederson round 3rd last night after his home run? That tells you alot about where baseball is at. Or you can watch MACtion that is being played in front of a couple thousand fans.

Kate Beckinsale’s daughter has fun on Halloween

You’ll never guess what Greg Hardy is up to

Lonzo Ball’s new mansion? Looks like he bought this place

Calipari’s dogs look like a couple of shitt kickers

Soccer fan tries to sneak into game via this tiny hole…you can guess what happens next

Florida Man arrested for getting a BJ on a flight

Greenville (NC) news team acts like fools for Halloween & ratings

Here’s Allison from Rutgers

Grown Man Failure Video of the Day

Burger of the Day

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