Kimberley Garner Has New Material, Mama June Is Down To 185 & Ottawa Senators Have A WAG Situation

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Nats-Yankees on ESPN or the WNBA on ESPN2? Here’s my thing about the social justice warriors…I never see them live tweeting a WNBA game. Never posting a bunch of video clips of the ladies making layups. Just an observation. Not sure what it means. Other than that you’re SOL when it comes to sports. Going to be another quiet night on social.

Kimberley Garner is back with new Dump material

P0rn company makes Trump summit porn parody that includes a Kim Kardashian actress

Mama June is down to 185

Buy Michael Phelps’ house…just a cool $4.1 million

Ottawa Senators girlfriend goes on harassment campaign against Erik Karlsson’s wife

Florida Woman arrested for pretending to be a nurse at the “Dr. Drop It Like It’s Hot!” weight loss clinic

You’ll never guess which channel won the Trump Singapore ratings war

Here’s Pearl from Alaska

That’s How It’s Supposed To Go Video of the Day

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Burger of the Day

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